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Collaborative Separation/Divorce

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Collaborative Separation/Divorce Coaching

What is a Collaborative Separation/Divorce Coach?

Collaborative Separation/Divorce (CSD) Coaches are registered, licensed mental health practitioners who have also completed specialized training in the collaborative divorce/separation process, family systems theory, and mediation.  They are skilled at assessing and addressing family strengths, challenges, adjustment issues, and improving conflict resolution skills.

Why Have a Collaborative Separation/Divorce Coach on Your Team?

CSD Coaches work with clients both individually and in conjunction with the other retained Collaborative Specialists to achieve positive, creative solutions tailored to the family in its new form. They help affirm identity, history and connection for the family and strive to best meet future needs for separating and reforming families.

What is the Role of a Collaborative Separation/Divorce Coach?

CSD Coaches work with the individual/couple to improve communication and understanding.  An important aspect to achieving improved health within the relationship of the separating/divorcing couple is a clear understanding of concerns and hopes for both parties.  CSD Coaches are trained to evoke these identified priorities in the pursuit of improving conflict resolution both present and future. CSD Coaches also assist the separating/divorcing couples to improve their focus and abilities regarding moving toward positive resolution and effective co-parenting.


Collaborative Separation/Divorce

Synergy has counsellors trained in the use of Collaborative Separation/Divorce Coaching.
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