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Depression is likely the most well- known mental health struggle. Many people refer to a low mood as “depression”, even if the severity of their symptoms does not place them at a clinical level for depression. It is wise to seek help before symptoms reach a clinical level, as it is more difficult to bounce back from depression when you have little energy to stay active and social.

It is helpful to seek help when you notice the signs of depression are starting to affect your functioning.

The list below provides a good summary of what to notice if you suspect that you may be dealing with depression:

  • Experiencing sadness, more days then not;
  • Feeling worthless and/or helpless;
  • Feeling guilty without a clear reason why;
  • Feeling irritable;
  • Losing or gaining a significant amount of weight;
  • Experiencing significant increase or decrease in appetite;
  • Experiencing aches and pains;
  • Feeling fatigued and lacking energy;
  • Feeling slowed down;
  • Having decreased enjoyment out of pleasurable activities;
  • Having difficulty with memory and concentration;
  • Sleeping too much or too little;
  • Feeling confused and having difficulty prioritizing and making decisions;
  • Thinking that you are “better of dead” or thinking of suicide;

Amongst other therapeutic techniques, our counsellors are trained in the use of:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), one of the most well researched counselling modalities for the treatment and management of depression. Your counsellor can assist you in exploring if CBT would be helpful for you, in addition to other counselling modalities.

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If you have signs of depression that are impacting your life, we can provide a safe environment and help.
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