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This Can Be Your Year to Put Insomnia to Bed!

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This Can Be Your Year to Put Insomnia to Bed!

If you dream of one of those nights when your head hits the pillow and you are immediately asleep, think twice – collapsing that quickly is likely a sign of being sleep deprived. Sleep functions as a cycle. And yes, falling asleep is a natural process that works much better when tend to it. 

We live in cluttered, rushed and over-stimulated modern societies where “sleep hygiene” seems like folktale, like catching a cold out in the rain. We push our days to the last drop we can squeeze. We can picture parents finally getting that bit of quiet after the kids are in bed, some people finishing chores and then getting that “me time”, the binging on Netflix, browsing social media, or getting a workout in at night time. Then come the thoughts: I am not going to get enough sleep…. Tomorrow is going to be so hard… Anxiety eventually overrides our best intentions and efforts to fall and stay asleep and insomnia starts to take control. And there are other reasons for this pattern to set in too, from stress to the many ups and downs of life.

Sleep can seem overrated; but the lack of it, is, in fact, correlated to chronic health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and anxiety, which seems to be on the rise and getting much more air time and attention then sleep itself. For those experiencing sleep deficit, the more immediate effects of sleep deprivation are clear, including struggles with attention and focus, irritability, forgetfulness, difficulty coping etc. Even physical pain feels more intense to those who are sleep deprived. The more insomnia sets in, the more we worry we will never kick it to the curb. 

Living with insomnia is very stressful and it can take you to the verge of desperation. Here is where we offer you some good news: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia, or CBT-I for short, may help you to put insomnia to sleep. CBT-I is a non-pharmaceutical treatment that is supported by research and can help you regain your restful nights. While there is no treatment that can be effective for everyone, there is a rising body of research and information promoting the use of CBT-I over pharmaceuticals, and the word is getting out. The June 2019 issue of Psychology Today also lists CBT-I as one of the insomnia treatments recommended by the America College of Physicians. Find out more about CBT-I and help us to spread the word. 

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