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The Landscape Of Fertility & Infertility

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The Landscape Of Fertility & Infertility

The landscape of fertility/infertility is vast and overrun with a complex, passionate story for many people.  As therapists at Synergy counselling we are witnesses to the courage and humility involved in the living of these stories.  The scope of fertility counselling/support is a wide spectrum and can include: supporting LGBTQ and heterosexual couples to prepare for conception or adoption, or welcoming baby home, supporting individuals in their decision to terminate a pregnancy, witness and support individuals resisting the normative status quo demands of family life, support couples in the deep grieving process of infertility, coping with the experience of a stillborn child, and miscarriage.  We are also grateful to celebrate and witness the individuals that seek us out in their journeys to parenthood in all the ways that it can occur from traditional ways to adoption to assisted reproduction including single parenting by choice, surrogacy, and donor assisted conception (sperm, egg, embryo).  The stories for most of us are filled with intense joy and/or pain, sometimes existing within us at the same time.  The amount of information available to us in regards to this can be staggering and overwhelming.  And the impacts of our fertility journey can often be felt in every realm of our life – mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and relational.

Counselling is one possible option to seeking support for you in this process.  At Synergy we are equipped to provide psychotherapy or support, and host conversations that address the complex decision making involved in any of the above journeys. 

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